Tenerife through a Lens Photography Tour

” Show off and show off the light and contrast (l&c) of the island’s corners”

” Aimed at amateur and professional photographers and their companions “

” Corners of Tenerife with photographic eye, light and color (l&c)

LandC Photography Tour wants to bring you closer to the different corners of the island under a photographic vision, awakening inspiration and encouraging the development of your creative skills, accompanied by technical advice and the necessary composition in a relaxed atmosphere where good humour and cordiality prevail at all times.

The designs of the itineraries are flexible to react to the elements and in order to arrive at our locations at the right time, therefore, the schedules of our tours are in function of the best moment of light (sunrise/ sunset) but can be changed.

Our services are aimed at all audiences related to photography, professionals, amateurs and colleagues who want to capture photos and disconnect. Of course non photographers are also welcome and invited to join us