20 Frequently Asked Questions: General Questions

Who is it aimed at? and our escorts?

Our tours are designed so that the beginner, amateur or professional photographer, as well as companions, couples, can enjoy the light and contrast of the landscapes and emblematic corners of the island that combined with an informal format allows us to live special moments complementing your vacation and rest with the emotional touches of the focus of photography.

Our explanations are based on helping to look and see, we will explain the angles and perspective, a different way of seeing.

If you need any specific technical advice we will help you, but above all I will be looking forward to help you compose and enjoy the photographic vision of the island and the moment.

Each person has a different photographic eye, regardless of the level of experience and it is this that we should enjoy and take advantage of and develop.

The photographic moments are best shared and therefore we understand that the companions and family are the complementary axis to enjoy these moments and therefore our prices are based on camera or photographer giving the companion (not photographer) a special discount of 50%.

I don’t speak the local language correctly

Not knowing the local language correctly will not be a problem, photography uses a technical language that we will surely understand in a basic English more than enough to enjoy the scenery and photos

 Physical condition and health

Most tours are not strenuous and anyone reasonably trained should be able to participate in most activities. We will often walk along paths that range from simple to moderate.

If any route requires special attention or physical effort, it will be indicated in the specific section of the tour