22 Frequently Asked Questions: What do I need to bring?

You win and you get your hopes up

Basically and as we have said…. desire to enjoy the light and the contrast of the landscapes and emblematic corners of the island

Basic technical material for photography.  Option of loans or rental of equipment

Regarding the photographic material we must take into account and review the following:

  • Your camera or phone and your win
  • Fully charged battery and second battery recommended
  • Empty or space-saving memory card
  • A tripod is recommended

In the event that you have forgotten or need an accessory such as filters, tripods, etc., we can lend it to you or we will put you in contact with collaborators who provide the service of renting all types of lenses of the main brands, backpacks and photographic material if we do not have them, in any case, it is necessary that you let us know in advance in order to facilitate their location

Complementary material, clothing and refreshments

Together with the technical material we recommend the following additional material, although we can provide you with some:

  • Sunscreen, hat
  • Umbrella, rain jacket
  • Appropriate footwear that is comfortable to walk in
  • Bottle of water or moisturizing drink (energy drink, etc.)